4 tips to avoid a bad hair day

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4 tips to avoid a bad hair day

Bad hair day sucks, doesn’t it? My whole life I have wondered how the mane models in those hair commercials get their hair look so voluminous, firm, bouncy & shiny. As much as one tries to believe in the products they are selling – which people are buying hopelessly – we all know it’s not going to work, don’t we? After all, how could it? 

I have an oily scalp with dry, frizzy & lifeless hair which have only recently started receiving my attention. Add to that the ‘far fetched’ dream of grooming your hair just like people in those commercials & your bad hair day just gets worse. But as it turns out, the people in those commercials don’t even have hair like that. No. Not even close!

Just like in the commercials

As per the hair care professionals, this dream of healthy hair can be turned into reality with proper care & conditioning. Nobody wants to go out with dry frizzy unhealthy hair & yet not many people care – well not in time anyway. We often simply just wash & comb without paying sufficient attention to our hair type or the products we use. Hair care is an essential & hygienic routine for both men & women. 

To have shiny, strong & healthy hair, you need to care for it daily. Here are some tips to help you take good care of your own hair.

  • Trimming

    Contrary to popular belief, trimming doesn’t promote hair growth. Regardless of whether you trim or cut or do nothing, your hair grows half an inch to 1.5 cm every month. However, trimming does keep your hair healthy by taking care of split ends which give your hair unhealthy & repulsive appeal. Healthy hair needs trimming every 6-8 weeks
  • Products

    It is essential to consume a shampoo as per your hair type. If you, however, suffer from hair loss problems you can use shampoos especially for babies since they don’t contain strong chemicals that can harm your scalp. Compensate over usage of shampoo with a conditioner to protect your scalp & hair. Make sure to rinse it off thoroughly after application.

  • Nutrition

    A healthy diet is as important a factor for healthy hair as anything & yet it’s overlooked the most. To have better hair, one must consume protein in the forms of dairy products such as egg & milk along with nuts, fish, carrots, legumes & most importantly leafy greens. Make sure your diet contains adequate minerals & vitamins. Damaged hair is contributed to a lack of Iron, which can often lead to hair loss as well.

  • Stress

    One of the major reasons for hair loss today. Mental being is as important as your physical being if not more. Stress causes more problems than just hair loss, so it’s always good to avoid it altogether by keeping yourself happy & on top of things.

By following these appropriate hair care routines, using chemical-free products curated specifically for your hair type, eating right & avoiding stress, you can bid your bad hair days adieu. Remember, beautiful & shiny hair always leaves a good impression. Do your bit towards your own hair & see where it takes you.

AND whether the results are in accordance with your far-fetched dream back from those hair commercials, celebrate yourself nonetheless. A good hair day is a good day after all…

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