Have a good hair day every day

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Have a good hair day every day

The hair plays a vital role when it comes to ‘the look’. It enhances your personality & sets the tone for your presentation. A hairstyle can take you from looking ‘young & lazy’ to ‘mature & professional’.

If your hairstyle doesn’t compliment your outfit it can ruin your entire impression – making you look like a homeless person who stole someone’s wonderful clothes. Conversely, one decent hairstyle can also make a simple dress look good on you. It can boost your outlook & let you take on the world knowing just that, if nothing else, you have got your hair covered. True story.

As per a study from Yale, surprisingly, only one in every ten women is satisfied with her everyday hair which means most of us don’t experience good hair days frequently – that’s a problem, AND not just for women. While a good hair day corresponds to unbounded confidence, splendid health & unyielding feeling of control, a bad hair day is just a bad day.

Here’s why taking care of our hair is essential & why we should celebrate a good hair day every day – 

  • It makes you look beautiful

    While a good hair doesn’t necessarily make you beautiful magically it definitely adds to your natural beauty. A right hairstyle is primarily based on hair texture, thickness & natural pattern. If groomed accordingly, it can highlight your facial features & complement its shape to make you or the other person go from‘oh…’ to ‘oh…wow’
That Beautiful One
  • It reflects who you truly are

    A good hair symbolises a healthy lifestyle. Although a good hairstyle is a factor of consuming appropriate products & following strict routines, a lot has to do with your overall health. A healthy person is more likely to have quality hair. A considerable amount of time & effort goes into investing in a balanced diet, getting enough sleep & keeping stress levels low. Which is why a well-groomed hairstyle reflects responsibility & care in oneself. So if that’s you, a nice hairstyle is as good an investment as anything.
Happy Hair Gang
  • It raises your spirits

    A good hair does more than just boost confidence. The study correlated having good hair with feeling stronger, tougher, socially comfortable, less stressed & more in control. On a given day, that’s something. How you feel on the outside has a direct impact on what you feel inside. With a positive spirit inside, you can always put your best foot forward.
All Time High

By committing five-ten minutes of your time to your hair every day, you can transform not just your hair but your entire lifestyle. It will progressively take you, leagues, towards your desirable sense of self. After all, hair is your best accessory. 

AND If you still think grooming your hair well is futile…well, you better be bald. 

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